Monday, April 7, 2008

what about sex?

Wheow! ha ha ha! Please allow me to discuss this ok,..even if you know that,.. he he he,..

Ok, sex is common word to everybody,..In a relationship, of course there's always a word sex in it. But is it ok for you kung palaging sex nalang ang naririnig mo sa partner mo?

Ofcourse we love sex,..everyone enjoying with that super unexplainable feelings,..Sex is not bad, but we must use it in right way and to the right person. You know what I mean? Sex for me is not just a sex ,..its a gift for us and hindi dapat pinaglalaruan.

I heard a lot of stories with different kinds of experiences and it amazed me a lot,.. There are some situations na na-meet mo lang lastnight and you had sex on the same night?! wow,..We know it just a tripping,..e paano naman yung mga nagmamahal sa kanila? its ok if the two are both singles and they end up in a relationship,..but what if they are committed? It's one of the reason why there's a lot of failed relationship,..As I said, there is no security. E kasi bakit pa kailangan makipag-sex sa iba e may partner naman! Paano ka makakakita ng couple na masaya kung ganyan lahat ang ginagawa nila? mahilig sa tripping,etc..

I guess we must start in ourselves,..You must build trust in the relationship that you can find securities,..If everyone do that, well i think we see lots of couple who are happy and have a healthy lovelife...sarap isipin right?

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