Monday, April 7, 2008

Do you believe in Perfect Relationship?

Wow! what a question isn't? i know its hard for us to answer that question,...some says YES and some says NO,..YES for those people who having a relationship right now and NO for those who came in a failed relationship. Ang hirap noh? especially in this kind of relationship,there is no SECURITY and ofcourse you always end up with heartaches. But having relationship,..whether is good or bad,..its part of our life and we cannot say that our life is perfect without being in love,.So we must face the challenge,..For those people who in a relationship right now, be thankful that your love ones are still there at your side but if you feel that there is something wrong,..well, dont hesitate to tell him what you feel. You have to dare,.after all ikaw din ang magbe-benefit nito,.Wag kang manghinayang sa panahon na pinagsamahan nyo.Sabi nga:

its better to meet someone who will trully love you later than to love someone who promises to love you but sooner or later leaves you forever.

And for those people who are looking for a perect relationship, well guys,..keep on searching! MINGLE!Enjoy life,.Being a single person is not bad,..mas masaya yun,.There's a lot of opportunities to meet the right one for you,.Go to the party, explore everything, go anywhere you want that possible you might find him,.who knows? baka yung hinahanap mo e nasa likod mo lang pala, or matagal mo ng nakakasama. And when you feel you're in love,.wow ang saya non!hehehe,basta, what everything you think is right and mahalin mo sya ng totoo. hindi nkakahiyang magmahal ng totoo at sobra,..the important is you let him know and feel what your love for him really is,..haay ang sarap naman,..Always remember that LOVE makes perfect by creating the right relationship and with that, not how much love you have in the beginning but how much love you build till the end,..good luck,...

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